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        How to ensure the safe production of paper bowl machine?

        2022-07-18 14:26:36

        Simply put, Paper Bowl Maker is used to A machine for producing paper bowls. It not only generally produces disposable paper bowls, but also plastic paper bowls, such as instant noodle paper bowls, plastic bowls, milk tea cups, etc. The technological process of the paper bowl machine is easy to operate and has high persistence. Although paper bowl machines bring convenience to the market, many people question the insurance title of paper bowls.

        The headline of food packaging safety is the headline that consumers pay attention to, and the online exposure has nothing to do with the fluorescence of the inner wall of the paper bowl packaging, which makes consumers feel ashamed. At that time, Lifeng Machinery was here to speak to you, don't worry, our products are worthy of your trust.

        When producing a paper bowl machine, the paper bowl is actually divided into two layers, the inner and outer layers, separated by the middle distance. And it is produced in strict accordance with national regulations. Since the inner layer of the paper bowl directly fights the food, the virgin paper data we use is sufficient to guarantee food insurance.

        Moreover, the outer packaging of the paper bowl produced by the paper bowl machine has the functions of pressure resistance, waterproof and pleasing to the eye, which is not only convincing to the food, but also has no hidden dangers because the outer paper bowl is not eaten directly.

        In the entire production process of other paper bowl machines, if the relevant moisture-proof, moisture-proof, heat-insulation, and thermal-insulation methods are done well, the leading employees will also do the cleaning of the facilities on time, which can effectively ensure the hygiene of the production conditions.

        The outer packaging of the paper bowls produced by the paper bowl machine has functions such as compression resistance, waterproofness and beauty, which not only maintains the food, but also has no safety risk because the outer paper bowls do not directly contact the food. In addition, the paper bowl machine adopts the methods of moisture-proof, moisture-proof, heat insulation and heat preservation throughout the production process. The operator will clean the equipment in time, which can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the production environment.

        Hongxin is a professionally made paper container series The factory of automatic machinery and equipment has strong technical force and large-scale production capacity. It has a professional technical team composed of senior and intermediate mechanical, environmental protection, electronics, product development and other engineers, mechanical designers and technicians, and a high-quality production service team. The introduction of international advanced CNC production equipment and production technology in batches, with rich manufacturing experience, the main products are: Paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, Paper plate machine, carton machine, pass-through paper machine, cake paper cup machine, KFC vat machine and other paper container equipment. It has reached the leading level of domestic similar products and enjoys a high reputation among the peers.


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