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        Paper cup machine operation procedure

        2022-07-18 14:50:54

        is the norm for employees to < strong>Paper cup machine operation process, prevent the occurrence of safety and quality accidents, and ensure the smooth progress of production work, formulate this operation process:

        1. Preparations before starting:

        1. Before taking over the shift, the successor should receive the paper, cup bottom, carton, sealant, silicone oil and other materials required for the day, and check the received materials and the amount of materials remaining in the work, and report any problems in time.

        2. Turn on the power button of the console, check whether the power of the machine is normal, and whether the set temperature can reach the predetermined value.

        3. Add a small amount of lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine for lubrication, and wipe the parts that the product needs to contact to avoid pollution. At the same time, check whether the connecting screws and jack screws of the running parts of the machine are loose.

        4. Check the flatness of the paper, whether there are peeling, spots, front and rear confusion, wrinkling and other phenomena.

        5. When necessary, spray an appropriate amount of water on the paper, and strictly control the time and humidity of the paper.

        6. Check the air pressure valve and adjust it to the required pressure value according to regulations.

        7. Put the bottom paper on the cup, pay attention to the front and back.

        paper cup machine

        2. Work when starting production:

        1. After the preparatory work is completed, when starting the motor, shout to start without any response. (This is to prevent the operator from being invisible when repairing on the opposite side or behind the machine, causing unnecessary safety accidents).

        2. Carefully observe the operation of the machine, take a cup to check the bonding effect of the paper cup, preheat, main heat, whether the knurling is yellow, and the paper cup is damaged.

        3. Check the bonding effect of the bonding place, whether there is any indirect defect, the bonding firmness between the bottom of the cup and the bonding is tearing and pulling, and the indirect non-swabbing is a suspected leaking cup, which is subject to the water test.

        4. During normal operation, if you find or feel that the machine is abnormal, you should lift the cup body first, and stop the inspection after the last cup is knurled.

        5. If the machine is stopped unexpectedly in the middle, when the machine is restarted for a long time, take out the fourth .5 piece in the market and check whether the knurled part is bonded.

        6. Paper Cup MachineThe operator should pay attention to the cup mouth, The shape of the cup body and the bottom of the cup, and the adhesion and size appearance of the cup body are checked from time to time.

        7. If employees concentrate their energy during the operation and find abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup is poorly formed, they should stop the machine immediately to check to avoid greater losses.

        8. Operators should be conscientious and responsible in the production process, and test the cups produced by themselves with boiling water every hour, 8 cups each time.

        9. Before sealing the carton, the operator should conduct a sampling inspection of the number of small packages. After the sampling inspection is correct, cut out the product certificate or product pattern, paste it on the upper right corner of the left side of the carton, fill in the work number and production date in the box, and finally stack the sealed boxes neatly in the designated position.

        3. Work after shutdown:

        1. Turn off the power of the console, cut off the main power, close the air valve and the silicone oil valve.

        2. Clean up residual paper scraps inside and outside the machine, and clean up auxiliary tools such as water spray guns.

        3. Organize the work environment, clean and keep the equipment clean.


        1. Keep in mind the idea of safety first, and strictly follow the paper cup machine operating procedures operation, illegal operation is strictly prohibited.

        2. Fill in the shift record form carefully before handover.


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