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        When the paper cup machine appears which must stop working?

        2022-07-18 16:20:03

        When paper cup machine which must stop working?

        If the special cam divider for paper cup machine has the following conditions during operation, it must stop running: When the paper cup machine is running, the cylindrical bearing in the cam divider box has cracked shaft, cracked, scattered needles, etc., and the paper cup machine must be stopped. , and then find a maintenance person for maintenance.

        If the paper cup machine can determine that the cam of the cam divider is broken and damaged during operation, it must stop running immediately and find the after-sales personnel of the divider manufacturer to replace the cam. It is strictly forbidden for the paper cup machine to get sick, so as not to cause more damage.

        Then, if there is an abnormal noise when the paper cup machine is running, you should stop the paper cup machine immediately and find the manufacturer to find out where the fault occurred.

        For paper cup machine models produced by paper cup machinery manufacturers, different paper cup machines have different requirements. Usually, each paper cup machine equipment requires two cam dividers. This design completely improves production efficiency, because the market has a large demand for paper cups. , This quantity is not something that ordinary manufacturers can accomplish. In order to meet market demand and more market share, the technology of paper cup machine manufacturers will naturally strive to improve the efficiency of paper cup machines. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency, designers have added more advanced technology and cam dividers to the equipment. The division of labor of the two cam dividers is different, and their functions are also crucial.


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