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        Paper cup machine start-up preparation and production process

        2022-07-18 16:22:23

              paper cup machine" >Paper cup machine What preparations need to be done before starting up?

              1. After the preparatory work is completed, you should shout "turn on" when the motor is suggested. In the case of no response, the motor can be suggested. (This is to prevent the operator from being invisible when the mechanic repairs on the opposite side or behind the machine, which may cause unnecessary safety accidents).

              2. Carefully check the running status of the machine, take a cup to check the bonding effect of the paper cup, preheat, main heat, whether there is yellowing at the knurled area and damage to the paper cup.

              3. Check the bonding effect of the bonding place, whether there is any direct bad condition, the bonding strength of the bottom of the cup and the bonding is suitable for tearing and pulling, and if there is no hair pulling directly, it is suspected of leaking the cup , subject to the water test.

              4. During normal operation, if you find or feel that the machine is abnormal, lift the cup body first, and wait until the last cup is knurled before stopping to check.

              5. When the machine is turned on from the beginning when the machine is stopped unexpectedly for a long time halfway, take out the fourth and fifth pieces of the large plate, and check whether the knurled parts are bonded.

              6. The paper cup machine operator pays attention to the forming conditions of the cup mouth, cup body and cup bottom at any time during normal production, and does not check the adhesion and standard appearance of the cups on time or check them one by one.

              7. When the staff concentrates their efforts during operation, if they find that there is abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup is not well formed, they should stop the machine immediately to check to avoid causing a larger loss.

              8. Operators should be careful and responsible in the production process, and test the cups produced by themselves with boiling water once an hour, 8 cups each time.

              9. Before sealing the carton, the operator should randomly check the quantity of small packages. After the sampling is correct, cut out the product certificate or product drawing and paste it on the upper right corner of the left side of the carton, and fill in the job description in the box. No., date of production, and finally sealed and stacked neatly in the designated location.

        paper cup machine what is the whole process of producing paper cups what about? From base paper to packaging paper cups, the following processes are first performed:

              1. PE laminating film: use a laminator to place the PE film on the base paper (white paper). The paper on one side of the laminated film is called single-sided PE laminated paper; the laminated film on both sides is called double-sided PE laminated paper.

               2. Slicing: The slitting machine divides the laminated paper into rectangular paper (paper cup wall) and net (paper cup bottom).

               3. Printing: Use letterpress printing machines to print various pictures on rectangular paper.

               4. Die-cutting: Use a flat creasing machine and a cutting machine (commonly known as a die-cutting machine) to cut paper with outstanding graphics into paper cups.

               5. Forming: The operator only needs to put the fan paper cup and cup bottom paper into the feeding port of the paper cup forming machine. The paper cup forming machine can automatically feed, seal and flush the bottom, and automatically form the paper. Various sizes of paper cups. The whole process can be easily operated by one person.

               6. Packing: Make a compact paper cup with a plastic bag seal, then pack it in a carton.

        The above is the whole process. Customers with at-home or low initial investment can purchase ready-to-coated single-sided or double-sided PE-coated paper from a PE-laminated paper supplier. Most PE laminate paper manufacturers offer printing and die cutting services. If paper manufacturers don't supply them, they can find print manufacturers and die cut paper cups.

             Now, with the exception of large manufacturers who end all processes independently, most funders have dealt with printing and die-cutting processes in the beginning. People can reduce the initial investment; the printing process is very professional, and the quality is guaranteed by the professional printing factory; the production speed of the flat creasing machine of the printing press can match the four paper cup forming machines. Otherwise, the device will be idle. Therefore, we advocate that the initial funder can only perform the molding process and entrust the previous process to a nearby paper material manufacturer. The cost of these processes is only less than 1/20 of the selling price, which basically has no impact on profits.


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