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      1. FTPCM Paper Bowl Machine
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        FTPCM Paper Bowl Machine

        2022-07-18 14:47:19
        FTPCM Paper Bowl Machine

        FTPCM Paper Bowl MachineIt is a multi-station automatic machine with functions of photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting, etc. It is ideal for producing large-capacity, large-diameter cone-table type food containers such as soup wrist and instant noodle bowls through continuous processes of automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil filling, bottom punching, heating, knurling, edge rolling, bowl unloading, etc.

        technical parameter:

        Product power:380V 50Hz

        product weight:2500Kg

        Total  Power:6Kw

        paper bowl specification:20、30、40、50O unce and Other Specifications

        Paper bowl material: single-sided coating (170-230 g/square)

        Production speed: 40-50 pieces/min

        Dimensions (LxWxH}: 2960x 1300x1820mm


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