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      1. FTPCM-12A General Purpose Paper Cup Machine
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        FTPCM-12A Universal Paper Cup Machine

        2022-07-18 14:47:44
        FTPCM-12A Universal Paper Cup Machine

        FTPCM-12A Universalpaper cup machineIt is a multi-station automatic machine with photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions. Continuous process, ideal equipment for producing paper beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, advertising paper cups, ice cream cups or other frustum-shaped food containers.

        technical parameter:

        Product model:FTPCM-12A、FTPCM-18A 、FTPCM-32A

        Paper Cup Specifications: 2- 12 oz (2- 12oz), 3- 18 oz (3- 18oz), 180z. 2202. 240z. 32oz etc.

        Cup paper raw material: single-sided lamination coating (160-230 g/square)

        Product power supply: 380V, 220V, 50Hz/380V, 220V50Hz

        Product power supply: 380V, 220V, 50Hz/380V, 220V50Hz:4KW、5KW、6KW

        product weight:1350KG 、1600KG 、1800KG

        Rated productivity: 45-55 pcs/min, 45-55 pcs/min, 35-45 pcs/min

        Dimension(LxWxH): 2470x 1200x 1780mm、2700x1350x1750mm、2900x1350x 1900mm


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