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      1. FTPCM Extra Large Vat Forming Machine
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        FTPCM Extra Large Vat Forming Machine

        2022-07-18 14:49:00
        FTPCM Extra Large Vat Forming Machine

        FTPCM Extra Large Vat Forming MachineAutomatic forming machine used to produce single laminated large paper barrel, it is formed by air-suction feeding bowl circle bending, gluing, under bottom, knurling, rolled edge and other forming functions, accurate positioning, fast speed, photoelectric detection, production of formed paper barrel flat and smooth, reliable bonding, good quality, can be used to produce soup bowls, instant noodle bowls KFC and other large-capacity paper containers.

        Technical parameters:

        Paper drum size: 60-200oz

        Paper barrel diameter: 125-250mm max 250mm

        Paper barrel bottom diameter: 100-180mm max 180mm

        Paper drum height: 100-250mm max 250mm

        Paper barrel material: 250-380g

        Production capacity: 20-30pcs/min

        Main  Motor:2.8kw

        Auxiliary  Electricity:2.2kw

        Product electric addition: 8KW

        Product power supply: 380V 50Hz or 220V 50Hz

        Product weight: 4000kg

        Machine size: 3950- 1900-2100mm

        Package size: 1000- 2100-2300mm


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