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      1. FTPCM Heat Seal Paper Box Forming Machine
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        FTPCM Heat Seal Paper Box Forming Machine

        2022-07-18 13:52:46
        FTPCM Heat Seal Paper Box Forming Machine

        FTPCM heat sealing carton forming machine is a fully automatic paper product forming machine, with the advantages of fast speed, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection. It is suitable for single PE laminated paper, kraft paper, etc. 2, automatic feeding, heating (with air generator), hot press forming (gluing the four corners of the box), automatic counting and collection, microcomputer control and other continuous processes, for the production of single-compartment disposable paper lunch boxes, food packaging boxes, etc. 

        Technical parameters:

        Product Model:FTPCM

        Product speed: 40-50pcs/min 

        Product Size:350*450mm 

        Machine weight:850KG

        Total  Power:4kw 

        Paper feed width:240mm 

        Applicable materials: 100-400/m2 PE laminated paper, etc.(PE Coated paper) 

        Package Size:2000(L)*900(W)*2500(H)mm 

        Work stress: 0.2-0.3Mpa Air compressor required


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